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TAHERAH: Bibliophile. YA Book Blogger. Nerd. High School Student. Wattpadder.

Hello there! My name is Taherah and I love reading as others have a passion for music or chocolate...I've been actively reading ever since middle school and am currently in high school. Totally living the life...not. But it's okay because I like spending my free time reading, blogging, or being on Twitter :)

Genres I read and review: Paranormal, Comtemporary, Sci-Fi, Dystopian, Spy/Heist Thrillers, and Mysteries.

I also quite love watching tv shows (I'm not a huge movie person) And these are some of my favorite shows:
-Veronica Mars (I am forever a marshmallow)
-Buffy the Vampire Slayer (SPIKE <3)
-Hart of Dixie (It's ending soooon and the cast is just great!)

As you can tell I watch a lot of CW shows...I basically watching all of them save for Supernatural, TVD (started but stopped after a few seasons), Reign (also started but stopped), and The Originals.



booksasyouknowit@gmail.com (Blog Email)
tabbas98@gmail.com (Personal email) 
  crowegirl05@gmail.com (Personal Email) 


Dubbed Hopper by Caitlyn and I, this blog started out as an accident which I don't regret! I never planned on blogging and the first few months I barely posted. If I did they were horrible reviews. Then in the summer I got bored and decided to re-design it so I did and took the time to create blogrolls and learn the basics of it all. With school I never thought I would have time to write reviews so I just made it more of a YA book promotion like participating in memes which was the only thing I did for 2-3 months. Then I read a book I just HAD to rant about and decided to actually SERIOUSLY blog ad review books. I've tried to keep to that commitment and did my best. During spring break, Caitlyn my awesome best-book reading friend was saying how we should have a blog and stuff and since no one (with the exception of my brother and sister) knew about Hopper I told her that I actually already had a blog and asked if she wanted to co-blog with me because she would be an awesome blogger and would be the person to keep me blogging and it was much easier having someone do it with me. Now I enjoy blogging so much and LOVE getting to know other bloggers and talking to them on Twitter! 

Authors, publishers, publicists, fans you guys can always me and find us on Goodreads or Twitter.
Thanks for visiting the page!!!


  1. Hey I follow you on twitter and I was wondering if you could follow me because I have a protected account and I tweeted to one of your tweets and you can't see it unless you follow me and I kind of want you to follow me so you can help me keep updated with the readathon you are having and I want to do it and tweet to you but you wont see my tweets unless you follow me! My username is @sjgraz98 It would mean a lot to me if you followed me and when you do I will get a request and I will accept it! :) Please?!?!?!
    P.S I like your blogs! :)

  2. Hello! I am also part of the 2015 debut author bash so I thought I would stop by and say Hi! I love your blog! I am kind of new to all of this so great to hopefully start making some friends :D


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