Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (45)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine where that spotlights the upcoming books I am currently anticipating.

~Cuurently Anticipating~

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Releases: July 29th-August 4th

July 30th:
Seven Minutes in Heaven (The Lying Game, #6)Midnight Frost (Mythos Academy, #5)Indelible (The Twixt, #1)All Our Pretty SongsPrep School ConfidentialThe Boy on the BridgeThe SoundLove Disguised

Seven Minutes in Heaven by Sara Shepard
Midnight Frost by Jennifer Estep
Indelible by Dawn Metcalf
All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarry
Prep School Confidential by Kara Taylor
The Boy on the Bridge by Natalie Standiford
The Sound by Sarah Alderson
Love Disguised by Lisa Klein

So excited for Indelible and All Our Pretty Songs!!
Any new releases you're excited for?

Monday, July 29, 2013

SIGN UP: Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter Read-a-thon

Hey guys! So a week ago I asked Twitter if anyone was interested in participating in a Gallagher Girls Read-a-thon and there were quite a lot of enthusiastic responses!!


This read-a-thon is open to ANYONE: first time readers to the series, rereaders, bloggers, Twitter-ers, etc.
We're basically trying to read all the books in a month, so this will be our schedule:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cover Reveals: The Naturals, The Mephisto Mark, Nil, Of Breakable Things, Such Sweet Sorrow, and Secret

The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Release Date: November 5th, 2013
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
The Naturals

I think I've already revealed this cover but I might not have so I'm just adding it again anyways.
AWESOME cover though! Love the backdrop and the way the title is written.
Only offsetting this is the girl on the cover. She seems very computerized and not natural...
All in all very cool though!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Giveaway + Excerpt: Indigo by Gina Linko

IndigoIndigo by Gina Linko
Release Date: October 22nd, 2013
Publisher: Random House Kids

Goodreads Summary:
A gift?

A curse?

A moment that changes everything. . . .

Caught in an unexpected spring squall, Corrine's first instinct is to protect her little sister Sophie after a nasty fall. But when Corrine reaches out to comfort her sister, the exact opposite occurs. Her touch--charged with an otherworldly force and bursting with blinding indigo color--surges violently from Corrine to her sister. In an instant, Sophie is dead. From that moment on, Corrine convinces herself that everyone would be better off if she simply withdrew from life.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Thing About Books: The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I know this week was supposed to be Caitlyn's turn for this but she's at camp for a week that's why she's been MIA for a while now! Don't fret though I'm not going to be talking to myself! 
I asked Monica AKA the awesome book-ish friend over at Cover Analysis if she would like to join me on this fine lovely Friday! This week we shall be discussing....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cover Reveal: Two Roads by L.M Augustine

Super excited to help L.M Augustine today in revealing his new NA novel Two Roads!!

Here it is..........

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (44)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine where that spotlights the upcoming books I am currently anticipating.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Veronica Mars...The Movie

If you guys follow me on Twitter, then you KNOW how much I LOVE Veronica Mars and can FANGIRL like crazy over the show and characters!!! Also THANK YOU KIERSTEN WHITE for indirectly introducing me to this show!! So this post is mainly a filler post and one full of awesomeness which I was actually going to write a while a go but with the Veronica Mars movie trailer/footage out (SQUEEEE) I decided it was the perfect time to squeal and fangirl about it here today. 


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Thing About Books: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

It's another week of our book discussion!! How are you guys liking this feature so far??
This week Caitlyn and I discuss AKA fangirl over Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

GIVEAWAY: The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

Hey guys! Here with another awesome giveaway for you guys provided by Caitlyn!
Since it's summer and Sarah Dessen is THE contemporary, summer book writer,
we thought it would be nice to giveaway one of her new releases, THE MOON AND MORE!!

The Moon and MoreGoodreads Summary:
Luke is the perfect boyfriend: handsome, kind, fun. He and Emaline have been together all through high school in Colby, the beach town where they both grew up. But now, in the summer before college, Emaline wonders if perfect is good enough.

Enter Theo, a super-ambitious outsider, a New Yorker assisting on a documentary film about a reclusive local artist. Theo's sophisticated, exciting, and, best of all, he thinks Emaline is much too smart for Colby.

Emaline's mostly-absentee father, too, thinks Emaline should have a bigger life, and he's convinced that an Ivy League education is the only route to realizing her potential. Emaline is attracted to the bright future that Theo and her father promise. But she also clings to the deep roots of her loving mother, stepfather, and sisters. Can she ignore the pull of the happily familiar world of Colby?

Emaline wants the moon and more, but how can she balance where she comes from with where she's going?

Sarah Dessen's devoted fans will welcome this story of romance, yearning, and, finally, empowerment. It could only happen in the summer.

  • You must be 13 or older. (If younger, then you must have a parent/guardian permission.)
  • Only ONE entry per household.
  • Anyone who cheats will be disqualified.
  • US only! Sorry all you international readers but shipping is expensive D: 
  • The giveaway will take place from July 18th to July 28th.
  • Winner will have 72 hours to respond by email. Or else another winner will be chosen! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday: (43)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine where that spotlights the upcoming books I am currently anticipating.

~Currently anticipating~
Descendant by Lesley Livingston
Release Date: August 27th, 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Descendant (Starling, #2)
Goodreads Summary:
The last thing Mason Starling remembers is the train crossing a bridge. An explosion . . . a blinding light . . . then darkness. Now she is alone, stranded in Asgard—the realm of Norse legend—and the only way for her to get home is to find the Spear of Odin, a powerful relic left behind by vanished gods. 

The Fennrys Wolf knows all about Asgard. He was once trapped there. And he’ll do whatever it takes to find the girl who’s stolen his heart and bring her back—even if it means a treacherous descent into the Underworld. But time is running out, and Fenn knows something Mason doesn’t: If she takes up the Spear, she’ll set in motion a terrible prophecy. And she won’t just return to her world . . . she’ll destroy it.

In this pulse-pounding sequel to Starling, Lesley Livingston delivers another electrifying blend of nonstop action and undeniable romance that will leave readers breathless.

Why am I waiting on this? While I didn't LOVE Starling I did reaaally like it, especially the the mythology that was incorporated into it! And might I add this cover is kick butt!! The leather and the fog in a mysterious forest? Oh yeah!

What's your "waiting on" pick this week?
Comment and add your link below!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Releases: July 15th-21st

July 16th:
Dirty Little SecretNo Easy Way Out (No Safety In Numbers, #2)Belladonna (Secrets of the Eternal Rose, #2)Replica (Replica, #1)Dangerous Girls

Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols
Imperfect Spiral by Debbie Levy
No Easy Way Out by Dayna Lorentz 
Belladonna by Fiona Paul 
Replica by Jenna Black
Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas

Not many releasing today but I am super excited for Belladonna and Replica!!
Any new releases you're excited about??

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cover Reveal: Wings (Black City #3) by Elizabeth Richards

Today we are super excited to share the cover to WINGS, the third and final book in author's Elizabeth Richard's BLACK CITY series!

Check out this beauty! 

Wings (Black City #3) by Elizabeth Richards

LOVE this cover!! So much more lighter than the first two but it looks really nice!!!
The butterfly shattering is an awesome touch to it!!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cover Reveals: The Nightmare Dilemma, The Sowing, and A Mad, Wicked Folly

The Nightmare Dilemma by Mindee Arnett
Release Date: March 4th, 2014
Publisher: Tor Teen
The Nightmare Dilemma

Ooooh lovin the way the background color works with the night!! 
Excited for this one to release! 

The Sowing by Steven Dos Santos
Release Date: March 8th, 2014
Publisher: Flux
The Sowing (The Torch Keeper, #2)

A Mad, Wicked Folly by Sharon Biggs Waller
Release Date:  January 23rd, 2014
Publisher: Viking Juvenile
A Mad, Wicked Folly

Such a cute, light cover! Lol totally different from what I expected but totally works!

See Me by Wendy Higgins
Release Date: October 1st 2013
Publisher: Higgins/Corcoran
See Me

Oooh new Wendy Higgins book!! Love the borders and the Irish-ness incorporated into the cover!!

What do YOU guys think about these covers?

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Truth About Books: Dreamless and Goddess by Josephine Angelini

Hey guys! Caitlyn here with our new discussion post The Truth About Books! In case you forgot, we'll be changing post titles every week between The Truth About Books and The Thing About Books!
Be warned though there ARE SPOILERS from the books we discuss!!!
This week we discussed.....

~Dreamless and Goddess by Josephine Angelini~ 
(its very scattered and all over the place...sorry but that's just how me and Taherah role)

Taherah Abbas
I absolutely LOVED Dreamless and Goddess by Josephine Angelini!

Caitlyn Crowe
I KNOW!!!!! I loved the plot line and how it followed the Illiad.

Taherah Abbas 
I didn't even know that it followed it THAT much till later. I think it's cool that it did though!

Caitlyn Crowe
Well that's what I loved about Goddess how you started to see all the characters come forward and see who they were supposed to be (besides Helen and Lucas...that one was obvious).

Taherah Abbas
Oooh yes everything just came back full circle (well to an extent at least)

Caitlyn Crowe
Okay, but in dreamless I was so SO.....well not irritated but... heartbroken I mean it was obvious Helen and Lucas had to be together even just as friends they had to be in each others lives or they would spiral (which they did) and UGH I reread Starcrossed after Dreamless and I realized DAPHNE TOLD THEM A LIE AND THAT THEY WEREN'T COUSINS AND UH!!!!

Taherah Abbas
I kinda get Daphne...well not really. She's super annoying. Smart i'll give her that, but she just messed up everything.

Caitlyn Crowe
I know it was annoying how she thought she had to control and manipulate everyone And all their misery normally its just bad communication but damn this time it was all her fault!

Taherah Abbas
All just so she could get whats his face back! I mean seriously I get it in the beginning of what people would go through for love but its been YEARS. I don't want to be mean and say get over it but you may as well have just been a good mother. It's the least she could have done.

Caitlyn Crowe

Taherah Abbas
Right sorry his name got lost in all the others

Caitlyn Crowe
I know!!! She messed up everyone else's lives and HELEN'S and she thought that somehow Helen would HELP HER when it was over!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!! Sweetie the world DOES NOT work that way!!! I get it he is the love of your life but DAMN!!!!!

Taherah Abbas
I just wish she did things differently. I mean I don't hate her because I know Helen would have done the same for Lucas

Caitlyn Crowe
Thats very true... but come on she could have just...asked. People do that sometimes. ANYWAYS we should talk about Dreamless before we get more into this.

Taherah Abbas
Dreamless was heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking

Caitlyn Crowe
I mean the entire time it was one big cry after another! You thought you had gotten over something like Helen not sleeping, or Hector being banished (I forget the word...), or HELEN AND LUCAS NOT TALKING AND ALWAYS FIGHTING AND AAAAHHHHH (I'm good now) but then it would just come back and slap you in the figgin face again!

Taherah Abbas
Hector=Outcast. And YES especially in the beginning when Lucas took his dad's advice and totally ignored and gave Helen the cold shoulder.

Caitlyn Crowe
Ugh and then the whole jealous/suspicious of Orion thing and Shadowmaster and robbing museums! I mean DAMN Lucas!

Taherah Abbas
grins sheepishly I thought it was kinda funny when everyone found out who Orion was plus you know him being compared to Adonis was hilarious. Lucas was soooo close to hurting something :)

Caitlyn Crowe
starts laughing uncontrollably OMG THAT WAS THE BEST!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP I thought Lucas might actually kill Orion!!! XD OH and when Helen saw them in the vision cracks up ooh my gosh that was funny!

Taherah Abbas
DUDE and when she and Orion would text and she would laugh and Ari was like who was that? sigh Loved those moments

Caitlyn Crowe
Oh those were good too and how no one believed he was a good guy! Like JEEZ he goes through friggin hell with her! How bad can he really be??

Taherah Abbas
.__. That was annoying, Like sheeesh they made the tyrant seem like such a bad person

Caitlyn Crowe
RIGHT!?!?! AND WHEN I FIGURED OUT IT WAS HELEN I WAS LIKE "ASSFHKSKMDNHJAHVDHAKBA"  Whyyyyy it was sooooo meannnnnnn and then Claire and Matt and Ari and I was like NO because HECTOR AND dies in a puddle of tears and emotion

Taherah Abbas
shaky voice Claire's betrayal hurt the most. She drove a knife through my heart. Then there's Hector tries to control tears who is my favorite character. The character I admired and adored the most. It's just too much

Caitlyn Crowe
I KNOW!!!!!! I even KNEW it was coming and I STILL DIED!!!! AND THEN when Lucas traded himself because he didn't think Helen LOVED HIM AND NOOOOO

Taherah Abbas
What Lucas did? Incredibly selfless and stupid. Thats the one loose end I want to see cut

Caitlyn Crowe
It was tragic and idiotic and I mean seriously Lucas? But I loved the way Helen got him out of it XD

Taherah Abbas
Lol yeah ;) Helen's gift of creating worlds is super cool too

Caitlyn Crowe
I know!!! Totally was not expecting that and the fact that Hades had been training then was awesome!!! Usually Hades is the bad guy but this time not even! Hades is AWESOME

Taherah Abbas
Hades is the bomb. He actually usually is in other books

Caitlyn Crowe
OOO yes like in that scene where Helen goes down (with Lucas's help big grin) and asks to be let in after being kicked out for saying they would free Persephone!

Taherah Abbas
kinda remembers scene not really

Caitlyn Crowe
Umm its right after Orion and Helen get kicked out after talking to Persephone and Helen then figures out that it was Lucas who robbed the museum and distracted Ares and he gives her the obol and she goes down and meets Morpheus and then goes under the tree of nightmares to talk to Hades and she realizes he looks like Orion or something and that Hades is really compassionate

Taherah Abbas

Caitlyn Crowe

Taherah Abbas
Oooh that explains why I don't remember much. I need to reread that book

Caitlyn Crowe
You should, I'll let you borrow it later

Taherah Abbas
K though the one thing that irritated me during Goddess was when it became known Helen was the Tyrant and Lucas got hurt and then she took him to her world and they just stayed there! People were getting worried! It didn't help at all that Tyrant was supposed to be bad and Helen didn't even think about actually showing everyone that he was safe. It was annoying >.<

Caitlyn Crowe
Yeah but it was kinda a needed break from all the drama. I hate how once everyone figured out Helen was the Tyrant NO ONE but Orion, Cassie, Lucas, and Hector wanted to stand by her side! I mean seriously! She didn't change at all and yet they still judged her on something she couldn't control!! What the HELL!!!!

Taherah Abbas
RIGHT?! I do understand Noelle's worry though considering everything. A break might have been needed but I do feel like Helen should have taken the time to explain everything earlier than she did in the book

Caitlyn Crowe
I think Helen should have made it so time didn't pass and people shouldn't have assumed so much about her from a half destroyed prophecy that has proven to not be entirely accurate

Taherah Abbas
That I approve of

Caitlyn Crowe
oh god though, when Lucas died I was so damn heartbroken (well he didn't die but still)

Taherah Abbas
In the Helen is Tyrant scene?

Caitlyn Crowe

Taherah Abbas
Is it bad that I my heart didn't quite break as much as it did for Hector?

Caitlyn Crowe
No it definitely broke more for Hector because....Hector

Taherah Abbas
That is a YA fictional death I will NEVER forget. I was basically on  the verge of tears

Caitlyn Crowe
Me too and with what's her name?? The siren girl! Oh I felt so bad!!!

Taherah Abbas
ANDIE! Let's talk about her! And yes omg it was so sad!!! They should have fallen in love (they kinda already were), get married, have little Hectors running around. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO CUTE

Caitlyn Crowe

Taherah Abbas
The surf shop?

Caitlyn Crowe

Taherah Abbas
Hector loves water. Thats the only place I could think of

Caitlyn Crowe
...moving on....Andie is adorable I was so sad when Hector saw her and was like INSTALOVE and she was like "stay the f away from me you creep"

Taherah Abbas
Lol I kinda found it hilarious (on Hector's part. I understand why Andie was like that) :) Though I totally ship them

Caitlyn Crowe
YES!!!!!!!!! Omg you know who I ship sosososososoooo much???

Taherah Abbas
WHO? never mind I know the answer to that...

Caitlyn Crowe

Taherah Abbas
Thought so :P

Caitlyn Crowe

Taherah Abbas
And I don't ship them as much. Don't get me wrong they're cute and all but age difference has always been a thing that really downgraded a ship like Dimitri and Rose

Caitlyn Crowe
...yeah well age is just a number :P plus its NOT like Dimitri and Rose, they are only like 3 or 4 years apart

Taherah Abbas
5-6 years. Adrian and her were 3 years so I was cool with them

Caitlyn Crowe
umm I'm talking Orion and Cassie not Dimitri and Rose....that one was kinda...much

Taherah Abbas
Right sorry! How old is he anyways?

Caitlyn Crowe
Isn't he like the same age as Helen and Lucas?? Like 17 or so??

Taherah Abbas
I have no idea...oh well...but yeah they do make a cute couple. I really liked the way Goddess ended and how everything cooled down.

Caitlyn Crowe
 :) yeah

Sorry our conversation ended so abruptly again! We just don't want to stop!

Join us next Friday with all new book discussion/joint review!
What did you guys think about the Starcrossed Series? Didn't like, liked, loved?

If you want to continue the conversation in the comments!! I promise I (although maybe we...I haven't asked Taherah) will continue it with you!!!
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