Monday, November 5, 2012

VOTE!! #DaemonInvasion

Select a City for the OPAL RELEASE PARTY!

I am so proud to present that Los Angeles has made it to the top 5 along with Philadelphia, Houston, Orlando, and Chicago! This is basically for J.L.A and Pepe (cover model) to come and host Opal's book release party!! Click HERE for more information! But since I'm Los Angeles, I hope ALL you guys would vote for L.A too...pretty please *Puppy dog eyes*. We're in a very tight race with with Houston and even if you guys aren't in the L.A area or from a different state or country for that matter, it would mean SOO much to me if you guys would VOTE. It has to be from different IP addresse if you guys want to vote twice nad don't forget to tell your friends and family to vote. EVERY vote counts!!! You can share on Facebook, Twitter (with #DaemonInvasion), Google +, Tumblr, or your website! Remember to include a link to.

Check out Ava's and Stacee's wonderful post HERE!

Voting ends at November 13th at PST. 


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