Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cover Reveal

      So, Jennifer l. Armentrout has informed us about her new Obsidian cover and here it is!!! This book will contain  POV scnenes from Daemon including: the porch scene and one we will all have to keep guessing... Comment in which scenes you want in Daemon's POV. 

   Happy Readings  :)                                               


  1. Very cool cover! I'm still getting around to read the first Lux novel, though. I'd better hurry!

  2. Alright so Daemon is hot and I like that part...but other than that I must say I hate this cover. The writing isn't anywhere near as awesome and Katy looks too clingy. I love the original way too much to like this one.
    New follower :)
    Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads

  3. Ok my link isn't working. It's, not sure why my html is failing...

  4. I have to say I agree with Jessie about the clingy part but I love the new writing. The other typeface used reminded me of a first generation nintendo game or something, I didn't like it. Also a new follower! :)

  5. Hi! You have been awarded the One Lovely blog award. I enjoyed your blog so thought I would share it. Hope you don't mind! Here is the link to my blog to check it out.


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