Wednesday, February 1, 2012


She's One of the Boys   4.5 STARS

Okay, this is NOT a published book. I'm starting to getting addicted to books on Wattpad, so i was like why not review a book I love from Wattpad. Greetings to my fellow Wattpaders!
She's One Of The Boys - (Editing) 
     Eva Thorn is one of the most stubbornest and  girl you'll ever meet. Having raised five older brothers and has finally returned home from boarding school. Everything's the same, her brother hasn't changed one bit, but she has one big secret she doesn't want any of her brothers learning- on her 16th birthday she turned into a wolf. But she isnt the only one with secrets...As family secrets unveil, starting a new school, a cocky boy who thinks he owns the school and keeps getting on Eva's nerve...Eva is starting to think that maybe comming home was a bad idea.

       None of the things in this story gets old. including Eva and her pranks, her lovable and hilarious brothers, and the sparkling chemistry between Eva and Saxon. You WILL get attached to these characters, You WILL love this book. You WILL laugh until your stomach hurts. You WILL love, love, love Eva and her ninja skills. This story has an amazing plot, humorous dialogues, and a family that I would definitely would want. Its an action-packed romance along wiht five protective brothers...But don't worry Eva can definitely fight her own battles.  


  1. I am just excited to get an scenes from Daemon! I don't even care what they are LOL!

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    1. Thanks so much I feel really honored, but i'm confused at what im supposed to do...


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