Friday, April 26, 2013

New Percy Jackson Book!!!!

     Okay, so I love love love love LOVE the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. A lot. I think Percy is amazingly witty, funny, amazing, and compassionate. I think Rick Riordan is awesome. He made me fall in love with Greek myths (a love affair that has yet to end) and has such amazing characters. *cough cough* Annabeth and Percy *cough cough*

And then I see THIS:
Screenshot taken from Jennifer's Twitter @Arcycling

       You have no idea how excited I was when I saw that Rick Riordan was writing a new book just for Percy (or you might considering how many loves I used...)!!!!! I know its kinda terrible, but, when the Heroes of Olympus Series came out I was really......disappointed. The first book pissed me off because, come on, WHERE IS PERCY?????????? And then I spent the entire second book waiting for Annabeth to show up.......and she never did. In the third.....I sort of gave up about half way through because lets face it I'm a Percy snob and when Percy isn't in charge....well I'm not happy. I like Jason I really do...but no. The title of most kick-ass leader demigod is Percy. Hands down. But this book (or so I have come to assume) is going to be just Percy (and you know the usual suspects) and not Jason and those other peasants. This excites me to no end and I am still freaking out inside.
      I am also really excited because Rick Riordan has decided to use sources such as Homer and Hesiod. I think its a really great way to  educate people on Greek mythology while not really teaching at all. If you haven't read the Percy Jackson Series.......READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will not regret it, at all. *dies*

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