Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Recap: Fight for the Future Author Signing


It's been a while since Caitlyn and I have been to a signing. Luckily
for us, we were able to go the Fight for the Future author signing at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore at Redondo Beach on Sunday featuring Marie Lu (Legend), Amie Kaufman (These Broken Stars), Meagan Spooner (These Broken Stars/Skylark), and Margaret Stohl (Icons)! We had a blast and it was awesome 
meeting these authors!
Left to Right: Marie Lu, Meagan Spooner, Amie Kaufman, and Margaret Stohl

We go there pretty early and were able to get front row seats. It was a full house
and it was packed! We learnt what it was like for Meagan and Amie to co-write a book and 
how they were able to keep a loose plot and knew the general direction they were going in. 
Amie wrote Tarver and Meagan wrote Lilac's point of view. Listening to Amie's Australian accent was quite awesome too! Margaret and Kami apparently wrote Beautiful Creatures because they were dared by Margaret's daughter who claimed they wouldn't be able to do it. And I have to say Margaret is a super chill and pretty loud author :P 

Each author talked about what the general main focus of each of their
books was really based on. For Marie it was prodigies (obviously) and kids who could
do amazing stuff at a young age. For Meagan and Amie it was different worlds. Each of their characters are from different worlds with different backgrounds. I think for Margaret it was emotion and pure raw feeling.
They also talked about character development like June's and Lilac's characters and how they
aren't perfect from the start and there's a change in them as the book progresses.

One of the questions that were asked was how them as adults could write YA being in a 
teenager's mind (totally reworded differently but it was something close to that). 
Meagan responded how being a teen was/is a distinct period of time that someone
can't really forget and it changes their personality/makes them who they are today. And I thought 
that was a great answer and it was relatable. There was also a guest appearance by
Leigh Bardugo who has this hilarious across the audience convo with Margaret who just noticed her 
and tried to get her seated with the rest of the authors :D 

Margaret gave out an ARC of Idols to someone in the crowd who wanted it the most.
And Meagan gave out 3 of Tarver's dog tags to 3 people who came to the event 
from the farthest location. *le sigh* unfortunately that didn't apply to us as it took us 15-20 minutes
 to get the bookstore....BUT we did get a BEAUTIFUL These Broken Stars poster which they graciously 
signed. A These Broken Stars postcard and bookmark and Skylark bookmark. Caitlyn and I both got our copies of These Broken Stars signed and she got her Nook cover signed by all the other authors.


Anyways! It was awesome being at a signing again! 

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