Thursday, January 17, 2013

Venom Readalong Week 2

It's Venom Readalong Week 2!! Hosted by Nikki over at Fiction Freak and Annabelle over at Sparkles and Lightning! These are answere to this week's set of questions! Also look out for my review of Venom on Saturday!!!

1. How do you think Cass felt so out of her element in Chapter 9?
I'm pretty sure she thought it very strange and pretty uncomfortable...I mean even the thought of going to a brothel is kinda freaky and awkward but actually going to one must be 10 times the thought of that.

2. Do you think Cristian rescuing Cass was a coincidence?
I don't believe in coincidences, especially in books. Cristian isn't a guy I would deem harmful but we never know....

3. Do you think the tossing of her stays symbolizes anything? Or is it just a fun scene (that totally made me grin!)?  
It symbolizes that she's trying to be free, feeling this other side of her that she never released. And it was also a fun scene that had me cheering, "GO CASS!! EMBRACE THE INNER REBEL!"

4. What do you think of the whispered conversation between Falco and his friends?
Very suspicious and it probably has to do with the secret he's hiding and the real work he does

5. In this chapter, Cass comes across prostitutes up close for the first time and finds herself enthrall we by the strangeness of it. How would you, as a sheltered high-class girl, have reacted?
Ummm most probably the same way Cass reacted. I might have even chickened out at the last minute and let Falco do the work... :P

6. It's obvious Falco is keeping secrets. What do you think they are? Why do you think he's hiding the truth from Cass? 
I honestly don't know. Something to do with graveyards, dead bodies, and maybe art? I think he might have thought that Cass would have thought about him differently if he told her this secret of his.

7. When Cass asks Falco, "Why should I trust you?" he responds, "Because you want to." Is that a good reason for trust? Why or why not? 
No that's most definitely not a good reason to trust someone. I mean if it was someone who she knew for a long time then yeah that would be a reasonable reason to trust someone. But she hasn't known Falco for that long and I just don't think it's a good reason to.

Questions from Fiona:

1. Venom has been (rightfully) accused of having dialogue and syntax that is too modern for its period. This was intentional, though I did try my best not to use anachronistic words. I messed up a couple of times at least--words like "okay" and "creepy" did not exist in the 1600s. Did you find the less formal dialogue helpful or distracting? Did it detract from the reading experience? 
I found this dialogue pretty helpful and it didn't detract me from the reading experience. I actually didn't notice that it was written in a more modern way. If it was more of an olden, Renaissance kinda dialogue, then I would've been less focused on the book and more bored, even if it was subtle

2. Cass is obviously a virgin, as all proper noblewomen were back then, and a subplot of Venom is her coming to terms with her first sexual feelings. Do you think the book would have been stronger in conveying that idea without the brothel scene? (Obviously some people found it scandalous, which is fine, but the inclusion of it was to use it sort of as a touchstone for Cass's increasing attraction to Falco). 
I think the brothel scene was fine. It added more spice to it and it helped explain how Cass felt throughout that whoele experience.

3. What do you think about Cass's interactions with the man in the falcon mask? Does he seem crazy or just mysterious? What do you think about his statement that war can be beautiful?
Mysterious. Mysterious. Mysterious.

4. Why does Cass wait so dang long to read Luca's latest letter, even though she takes notice of it almost every time she passes?
I think Cass is scared that she would have to be married soon, especially with Mada's wedding. And that she   would feel guiltier for hanging out with Falco when she's engaged to Luca and also that she's doing stuff someone with her high class wouldn't even think of doing.

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