Thursday, January 31, 2013

Venom Readalong Week 4

Hey guys! The Venom Readalong is hosted by two lovely ladies, Nikki at Fiction Freak and Annabelle at Sparkles and Lightning. These are my answers for this weeks questions. Enjoy...

1) Michel de Montaigne is quoted a few times. How did you feel this contributed (or did not contribute) to the novel?
I for one thought it kind of didn't really matter but it did build a bond/understanding between Paolo and Cass.

2) Did you trust Falco the whole time?
NO! I'm sorry Falco but you were just too suspicious....

3) Did you find the character of Siena and her habits or fancies cliché overall?
I guess it could be considered "cliche" but feelings are feelings. Nothing you can do about it, cliche or not.

4) As a whole, did you feel this book was sufficiently creepy and mysterious?
I don't think it was creepy but most definitely mysterious.

5) Do you think Cass made the right decision concerning the boys in the end? Would you do what she did (answer without spoiling!) 
I LOVED her decision! She made it right with both guys. And I would've made the same decision as Cass ^_^

6) Were you right about the murderer? If not were you surprised?
No, I wasn't right. But I wasn't surprised either.

7) Now that you've met both, what Team are you?
Team CassFTW!! Or is it GirlPowerFTW??

8) What were your immediate thoughts after finishing?
When's Belladonna going to be coming out? *signs in to Goodreads*


1) Were you surprised when Luca returned to Venice? Why or why not?
Nope because the letter and her friend's wedding foreshadowed that he would be coming back eventually.

2) Did you find Luca to be more protective or controlling of Cass? Why do you feel that way? What secrets did you initially think he was keeping?
I do think he was more controlling of Cass because he even said that he didn't think woman were capable of doing other things. But I think he had the right to be protective of her with all the murders going on just not too protective. I thought he may have had to do with what was going on but had his own personal reasons for why he would.

3) How did you feel about Cass essentially skipping her best friend's wedding to go look for Falco? Understandable? Unforgivable? How did you feel about her obligating Siena to cover for her?
Umm I wouldn't exactly say unforgivable but definitely not understandable. And it might just be me, but friends comes before guys.

4) How did you feel about Luca's reveal of his secret? Would you have been angry at him if you were Cass? Why do you think he felt he couldn't confide in her?
I think it was personal and since he didn't have that much of a personal connection with Cass that he wasn't able to confide in her. I think I may have been angry at first but understand at the end.

5) I initially wanted a different ending regarding "the boys," but came to realize that Cass's decision is kind of the ultimate girl-power choice. How did you feel about her decision?
As I said before, I totally approve!! It's something that she needed to do.

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