Thursday, January 24, 2013

Venom Readalong Week 3

Here are my answers for Week 3!! Don't forget to check out my review HERE!

1) Cass rarely goes anywhere without her dutiful handmaid Siena in tow. Would you like to have your own handmaid? Why or why not?
As cool as that would be, I feel like I wouldn't have any freedom. And I enjoy my privacy thank you very much!

2) It was very unusual for noblewomen in 1600 to be allowed to study, and later in the trilogy we will find out information about Agnese that explains why she allowed Cass this luxury. What subjects would you study if you were allowed to pick anything you liked?
English/Literature, History, and a bunch of foreign languages!!! Oh and if archery counts, then I totally would do that!! Bows and arrows are so kick-butt!

4) If there's a balance between brave and stupid, where does Cass fall when she sneaks out of the house to go investigate the chapel at San Giuda by herself?
Both, I'm pretty sure she knew it was a stupid decision but that's also brave of her since she hasn't encountered or have actually broken any rules before...

5) Have you ever wanted to know something so badly that you put yourself in danger to get your answers?
No I've never wanted so badly that I put myself in danger to get my answers. Unless you count the wrath of my parents...

6) Do you think it is all right to expect more from book characters than from real people?
It might not be alright but it's a reflexive nature/thought. The impossible or unpredictable usually occurs in books so we do expect more from the characters in order for them to solve the problem.

7) What was your initial thought when you saw what Falco was doing in the graveyard attached to San Giuda?

8) Did it seem horrible to you or not that big of a deal? Do you think your age or culture or religious beliefs affect how you felt?
It wasn't that big of a deal and I think that's only because it's a book and not happening in reality. I do think someone older (ex: my mom) who is reading this book might be affected more of what happened than I am both religiously and culturally.

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