Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cover + Title Reveal

After this cover reveal, you guys will most definitely want to check out the title reveal.
I'm sure a lot of you readers will be interested ;D 

These Gentle Wounds by Helene Dunbar
Release Date: May 8th, 2014
Publisher: Flux
These Gentle Wounds


SO can anyone guess what title was recently revealed the other day? 
One that's enough to make me add it to the post? Have you already skipped this part and went straight to the book title because that's probably what I would have done?

Are you ready for this????

FRACTURE ME (Shatter Me #2.5) 
by Tahereh Mafi 

Adam's POV

I so wrote this series. HA no I really didn't. I don't have the imagination nor creativity to write a book as awesome as Shatter Me. Oh and CONGRATS to Tahereh and Ransom! So excited to read the novella though!! Sounds a bit painful but eh what else can you expect in a Tahereh Mafi book. Aaaand I'm rambling whoops....

What do YOU think of the cover?
And how bout the new title?
Like? Love? Ok? Dislike?

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