Saturday, January 18, 2014

1 Year Blogoversary

Ok, so today is technically not Books As You Know It's blogoversary.
Technically speaking it's been around for 2 years. I just never did much of anything with it for the first year.
Being the complete newbie I was, I wasn't sure how and what everything was supposed to be like. And then sometime around this month last year, I started posting more and more and actually becoming a part of the book blogging community. It was hard but I like and am grateful for where I am today with this blog. I wasn't even sure if I was going to have a blogoversary for this blog because I didn't even know the exact date of when I first started it. But I realized, it deserved the appreciation and I decided today would be that day.

With that out there, I have to thank so many people for either directly or indirectly supported/encouraged me in doing this. 

First, would be my blogging idol who probably doesn't know me, Rachel from Fiktshun.
I've been following her blog for 3 years now ever since I discovered that a bookish community existed basically. Her posts are awesome and her Random Thoughts feature is one of my favorite aspects of her blog. 

2nd: Caitlyn, she probably doesn't know this but I actually strove to make my blog better once I asked her to blog with me and I guess telling her made Hopper a stable, permanent thing in my life.

3rd: Twitter. Oh all of you great, amazing, and supportive fangirly people who understand me 
*VIRTUAL HUGS* I also realize I need to talk more to people on Twitter. I would love to mention Monica from Cover Analysis, who was one of my first Twitter friend that actually made me become much more talkative and told me bloggers weren't as scary as I thought. And a simple shout out to Kierra (FOLLOW HER SHE IS AWESOME), Eileen (I must talk to you more :o), Meredith, Nova, Nikki, Megan, and Zareen. :)

Finally: Authors. They're the ones that started writing books I loved to read enough
to fangirl over and become in love with. Their characters, the story line, the hot fictional boyfriends,
the romance, and the thrill of living vicariously through them. That is all on you fabulous author. So thank you!

So I didn't really have much planned for today with school and finals and all but 

And here you go:

Just couldn't help myself <333

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