Friday, May 3, 2013

The Quill Awards

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Okay so I'm slightly(extremely) excited about this. I just read the Nominees Page and honest to God squealed a couple of times.  HA now that you're confused I'll explain what it is. Basically the Quill Awards are the Grammys or Oscars but for YA fiction. I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED AND IN TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a really great way to appreciate our favorite authors, characters, and books. 

      "It is really a new type of award show exclusively to celebrate the last year in YA fiction. It will boast all aspects of  traditional award show: awkward banter, fancy clothes, signature statuettes, and all other attributes we both love and mock. What makes this "new" is that this award show will not take place at some fancy venue, but rather it will be filmed at multiple dates in multiple locations, and then edited to form one cohesive show
      You can expect appearances from many amazing bloggers and authors, as well as some industry professionals  and (maybe) some special guest entertainers. The show will air in late June or early July at a date to be determined."-Britta 

       If you want to learn more or help out in any way possible the creators would love to here about it! (me and Taherah are trying to help as much as we can) Any one whose part of the YA community can help! (bloggers, vloggers, authors, publishers, or just readers) Click HERE to sign up!
CHECK IT OUT: The Quill Awards

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