Saturday, May 18, 2013

Recap Post: Summer Lovin Tour

Caitlyn and I had the awesome chance to go to the Summer Lovin Tour at Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach yesterday and got to meet Suzanne Young author of The Program and more, Kimberly Derting author of the Body Finder series and The Pledge trilogy, Shannon Messenger author of YA debut Let the Sky Fall, Jessi Kirby author of new release Golden, Morgan Matson author of Second Chance Summer, and Sarah Ockler author of her new release The Book of Broken Hearts!!

 (Left to Right: Jessi Kirby, Sarah Ockler, Morgan Matson, and Shannon Messenger)


After introducing their books which a lot of them contained abs and dogs which they continued to joke about throughout the event, they decided to play Two Truths and a Lie!!
What I learned? Suzanne's dogs are named after 80's characters.
Shannon sat on the Academy Award nominees awards row.
Morgan was a cheerleader in high school and wrote her first book when she was 26 years old.
Sarah spent her entire senior year going to school in her PJs and skipped prom to see New Kids on the Block. Her first story wasn't able to publish due to copyright issues...
Jessi never ditched a day of high school and got a bag of potato chips from Sarah Dessen which is sitting on her office not opened.
Kimberly went 5 YEARS without chocolate and was at home in a drive by shooting which may I add she said all nonchalantly....

Picture used from Stacee at Adventures of a Book Junkee

They proceeded to throw candy at people who participated!! 
They answered some questions then had their signing!

     Left Pic: Me and Suzanne Right Pic: Caitlyn and Suzanne 

Left Pic: Caitlyn and Shannon  Right Pic: Me and Shannon

Group pic with Suzanne!!

Group Pic with Shannon!!
Me and Kimberly Derting!!

The signed stuff: 


We also got signed Let the Sky Fall bookmarks, a Pledge passport postcard, and The Book of Broken Hearts bookmarks. Caitlyn also got her nook cover signed by all the authors!!
We had so much fun, thank you Simon Teen for this awesome abs tour :P It was great seeing all the fantastic authors!!! 

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