Thursday, May 30, 2013

Event Recap: Goddess by Josephine Angelini Release Party

On Tuesday, Caitlyn and I had a the AMAZING chance to go to the Goddess release party!
We got there an hour early so we got good seats and talked till Josie came!

Also random, but I was also on Twitter and the Of Triton Twitter party was also going on and to win a Of Poseidon and Of Triton, Anna Banks asked us to tweet out duck face pic, which Caitlyn totally did! But apparently it didn't tweet *huffs* And I don't have her permission to put it on this post or else I would!
Anyways, since there was time, I went to see if I could find a legit duck picture book or something in the kid's section. But I found something actual duck:

BACK to release party! 
There were CUPCAKES!! Delicious cupcakes :P

I FINALLY got to meet AVA from Why Ava Reads and hug her!!! We didn't get a chance to talk because we had to leave after but we must next time I meet her!!

At 7:00, all the chairs started to fill up and Josephine Angelini made an entrance!

Josie is a ball of sunshine and is super awesome! She immediately connected with the crowd!
She then answered any of the audience's questions they had for her and the Starcrossed series.

She then read chapter 5 from Goddess  (and I may have gone photo crazy) 


She answered a few more questions. One was actually from Anna Carey, author of the Eve trilogy, who came to support Josie! Josie also mentioned about doing a prequel about Daphne's story in first person POV. She also said that when she turned in Goddess, her editor/publisher gave it back to her saying how wonderful it was except for the fact that it didn't have a beginning. She had a mini heart attack and said that the first 3-4 chapters were never originally there.

Another question led to one of her new books called Crusable which is a cross between fantasy and sci-fi about a girl names Lily who gets taken to an alternate universe by Lilian her parallel self and Lillian is an evil witch from the Salem Witch Trials where she kills all scientists and stuff. Josie being the ever kind person read us the prologue of it on her phone. And I can't wait to read it! It sounds so original and different!!

Then there was a signing!! 
I unfortunately don't own the books and found Starcrossed via library so I never bought it.
(Josephine Angelini and me) 

(Caitlyn with her signed books and Josephine Angelini)
I had so much fun Tuesday night! Thank you HarperTeen and Epic Reads for throwing all this together!!
We can now say that we are official high school students for attending a party ignoring the fact that it was a release party that took place in a book store ;P 
I do hope I get to see Josephine Angelini again too!! 

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