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SIGN UP: Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter Read-a-thon

Hey guys! So a week ago I asked Twitter if anyone was interested in participating in a Gallagher Girls Read-a-thon and there were quite a lot of enthusiastic responses!!


This read-a-thon is open to ANYONE: first time readers to the series, rereaders, bloggers, Twitter-ers, etc.
We're basically trying to read all the books in a month, so this will be our schedule:

July 29th-Aug.4th:
I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You
August 12th-18th:
Cross My Heart and Hope To Spy 
August 19th-25th:
Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover
August 26th-September 1st:
Only the Good Spy Young
September 2nd-8th:
Out of Sight, Out of Time

**Double Crossed (Heist Society #2.5/cross over with the Gallagher Girls series is an optional read and can be read in any week you want**

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Book Depository 

We are going to be discussing all these books on our weekly feature, The Thing/Truth About Books!
So stop by every Friday and check our thoughts on the those books :)

Bloggers/Tumblers: Here are some post ideas! PLEASE link me to your posts in the comments of our Weekly Recaps which we will be having every Monday recapping the readathon week.
TUMBLERS: Don't forget to tag your posts with GGReadathon
  • Book reviews, joint reviews, book discussions AKA fangirl
  • Character profiles
  • Create character outfits for a specific scene in that week's book.
  • Make a playlist!
  • Cast some characters.
  • Post some fan art.
Be creative! ANYTHING works as long as it has to do with the series!

To any non-bloggers don't worry! Post your thoughts AKA fangirl on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using this hashtag:


Follow along with other readers! Make fan art and post it online, release your inner imagination!! 
And most of all HAVE FUN! Cherish all these moments and relish the epicness of the series as it's coming to an end soon. And even though it is ending, let Cammie, Zach, Bex, Macy, Lizzie, and their creator Ally Carter know that we will never forget the series!!!

Q and A:
1. Do we need all the books or will there be a site were we can read them?  
There is no site where you can read them and it would be best to have all the books.
You can always borrow from a friend or get the books from the library :)

2. Can we use Facebook? Tumblr?
SO sorry about this. I completely forgot to add both to the original form. But it should be an option now. You can always re-submit a new form or edit your old one. Either is fine!

3. Will I remind you guys of the schedule? 

Of course! We plan on doing a wrap up post every Monday and I'll be sure to have a copy of the schedule on there :)

4. Do you need to tag the posts on Tumblr?

It would be preferred if you tagged it GGReadathon.

5.  Do you have to review the books?
Definitely not! It's just a way of spreading the book love :D Reviewing is NOT a must!

6. How will the giveaway work?

All you guys are already numbered once you guys have signed up.
So I'll put the total number of participants and use to pick a winner.

7. VLOGGERS! You guys can link me to your YouTube page in the Blog  URL box.
I'll try to add that to the form tomorrow.

8. Is this international? 

Why yes it is ;P 

9. Do you have to tweet what you thought of the book?

Not necessarily! You can tweet your favorite lines/quotes!
Let us know how far along you are in the book. Things like that.

10. Can we just follow the read along on your blog?
Depends. If you're going to be reading along as well just not posting then yes.
If you're just following along but not reading then you're not eligible for the giveaway but certainly can follow along.

11. Don't have a blog/Tumblr/FB/Instagram/Twitter?
No problem! Just be to comment on our wrap up posts every Monday.

12. What do I tweet/use Instagram to follow along?
Tweet your progress, favorite quotes or scenes, your thoughts as you read a long.
Take pics of you and your book. Take some pics of which part you're in or your favorite lines! 
Create fanart or make a collage. Post pics of your casting choices. Stuff like that :)

13. Can you listen to the books?

14. Do we have to wait for the set time to start reading the next book?
It is ultimately your choice but that is the scheduled we worked out just so no one would get confused plus it makes it more easier to organize.

15. How does the schedule work? 
Everyone's going to start reading I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have To Kill You on the WEEK of August 5th. When you finish the book you MAY continue the series but you can always wait till the next week. As long as you've finished ALL 5 books by September 8th then you're all good. We created the schedule so it would be easier for people to follow along but as long as you start on the WEEK of August 5th and finish all 5 books by September 8th you're all good!

Hope this cleared a few things up! If you have anymore questions email me at or comment and I'll add the question and answer to the post!

There WILL be a giveaway at the end of the month to a random active participant who has signed up.
More info on the giveaway during the last week of the readathon!

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | Book Depository 


EDITED: 8/5/2013


  1. Thanks so much for this awesome read-a-thon! I can't wait to begin!

    1. Thanks for participating! :) Hope everyone has fun with this!

    2. Cant wait for this!

  2. Why not? I already own all of the books and read them~ Might as well do it again.

  3. I love this series and wish I had time to participate in the readathon! Unfortunately uni is to hectic right now :( This is such a great idea though and I hope everyone who can participate has fun with it :)

    Bec @ Ransom Reads

    1. Awww D: So sad you can't join! Good luck with uni :)

  4. I don't have a blog or a twitter. Is there anything else I can like Shelfari?

    1. Instagram or Facebook works too. No Shelfari though sorry :/

  5. I love this series so much!! :)
    im glad you made this read-a-thon ahha now i can tell my parents its 'homework'

  6. Can I still sign up even I am not US citizen?

  7. Do tumblr blogs count? Or does it have to be on my blogger ?

    1. Tumblr blogs count! I re-did the form so there's a Tumblr option now :)

  8. I cant wait!!!! I just have to keep checking twitter. When will you twit?

  9. This is so exciting, and we can read heist society as well hehehe so exciting :)

  10. I have a coupe of questions.
    One: when we start reading after we finish do we have to wait for the set time to start reading the next book.
    Number Two: the days you have can it be any of those days and in between or do we have to start reading it on the first day?

  11. How can we submit the application if we don't have a tumblr/blog/instagram/twitter/facebook?

    1. Fixed the form so you could. Be sure to click on commenting!

  12. cant wait till united we spy already on my hunter hayes calendar <3


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