Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cover Reveal: Silver Shadows, Legend of Me, The Winter People, and MORE

Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead
Silver Shadows (Bloodlines, #5)

I love how the covers match the titles! This one's not too bad looking just as bit redundant as the previous ones..
After reading Fiery Heart though, I NEED TO READ THIS BOOK.

Legend of Me by Rebekah Purdy
The Legend of Me

This cover is really nice! Love the title and the red smoke/blood thingy.
The borders are also really pretty and works well the cover.

The Winter People by Rebekah Purdy 
The Winter People

Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison
Anything to Have You

Is it just me or does the cover model kinda look like Taylor Swift with bigger eyes?

Something Real by Heather Demetrios
Something Real

Cute. Connects to the story line pretty well.

What do you guys think of these covers?
Any favorites? Books you're looking forward to reading?

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