Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cover Reveals: Nil, Some Fine Day, The Romeo Club, and MORE

Nil by Lynne Matson

NEW COVER! I LIKE! And they kept the tally marks :D :D 
I do kinda wish they just had one more color added to this than just blue and white.

Some Fine Day by Kat Ross
Some Fine Day

Albeit a tad bit creepy and plain, the cover works pretty well.
Wasn't really expecting it with the title it had but hey whatever works.

The Romeo Club by Rebekah Purdy
The Romeo Club

So looking forward to reading this book :D 

Between by Megan Whitmer

Ooooh this one's nice. Love the title border, all fancy and cool looking.
Love the contradicting two world, fits the book well.

Knights of Rilch by Rachel O'Laughlin
Knights of Rilch

Interesting cover. Very artistic. The castle in her/his head is nice.

Run by Greg Olsen

This cover is so awesome. The way the knife is embedded into the "U" definitely
adds to the chills I'm already getting. 

Why yes this was a week of covers...
Which do you like the most?
Looking forward to reading any of these?
Let us know!
**Psst: This upcoming week is going to be a whole lot of fun as we participate in Top 10 of 2013 :)
So check back tomorrow for my the top 10 books I've read this year!

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