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Blog Tour: Velvet by Temple West {Review+Giveaway}

by Temple West
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Release Date: May 12th 2015
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal, Vampires
Rate: 4 STARS


First rule of dealing with hot vampire bodyguards? Don't fall in love.

After losing both her parents before age seventeen, aspiring designer Caitlin Holte feels like her whole world has been turned upside down, and that was before the terrifying encounter with a supernatural force. Then, she learns that her hot bad-boy neighbor, Adrian—who might have just saved her life—is actually a half-demon vampire.

Suddenly Caitlin is stuck with a vampire bodyguard who feels that the best way to protect her is to become her pretend boyfriend. Trouble is, Caitlin is starting to fall in love for real, while Adrian can never love a human. Caitlin trusts Adrian to keep her safe from his demon father, but will he be able to protect her heart?

Velvet was a fun and engaging paranormal book! Vampires have been pretty out of style I guess you could say and I really liked how well done it was in this book. The funny thing is that even though it's supposed to be a paranormal book, there was very scientific explanations. Whether it scientifically makes sense, I have no idea but it sounds about right. What really made me love this book was the hilarious dialogue between Caitlin and Adrian and Caitlin's thoughts in general to be honest. 

Ok so let's quickly talk names: It was weird yet funny that the main girl's name was Caitlin since my best friend and co-reviewer's name is Caitlyn (just spelled differently). And then there was Adrian's name. Don't get me wrong I LOVE him, he's an awesome character but my number book friend is also a vampire named Adrian. I'm not sure if this is an insult or not or what it says about me but I was more bothered by Adrian's name than I was about Caitlin's. 

Caitlin was snarky character that was dealing with her mom's death. She had to adapt to living a life without her and with an aunt and her family, whom she's never met with before. So due to all that she's very angst-y especially with her aunt and uncle. Caitlin's an easy character to connect with especially because she's pretty funny. Luckily Adrian's character was different from Adrian Ivashcov's. Or else it would have been a bit cringe worthy on my part. He's a nerd. An adorable one at that. And it's just so cute seeing him talk about his vampire-ness but at the same time you see a protective part of him when it comes to Caitlin and Lucian (his younger brother). I really like seeing Adrian deal with his family problems and how it plays a role in the book. 

If you want a fun vampire book, Velvet is the book for you. Full of sparkling humor, banter, and well vampires, Velvet is for all you paranormal lovers. Or those who like cute, nerdy guys in general. Happy Readings! 

“Sorry I dragged you away from dinner,” I said, realizing the time. “You want to eat with us?”
He seemed to consider it, then shook his head. “I’d better get back. Gotta take my medication.”
I arched a brow questioningly. “I thought your immune system kicked ass?”
He laughed. “Sorry, ‘medication’ is what we call it when we need to drink blood. It’s kind of an inside joke.”
“Oh.” I said, blushing for some reason. I should have kept my mouth shut, but curiosity got the better of me. “Does it…taste good?”
He stared at me for a long moment, before his gaze drifted down to my neck.
“You can’t imagine.”
My pulse jumped, half in fear and half in…something else. His voice had gone low and liquid, his eyes were burning silver.
“Hey Cait?” he murmured, and though he hadn’t moved an inch, it felt as though he were leaning towards me.
“Yeah?” I whispered.
He wasn’t looking at me in the eye anymore, just staring somewhere above my chest and below my jaw. The sound of my own heart seemed loud in my ears, and if I could hear it, so could Adrian.
His eyes flicked to my face. “You should really get out now.”
I blinked. “Yeah.”

I scrambled to undo my seatbelt and almost fell out of the truck. I could hear the click of the automatic locks snapping into place the moment the door was closed. Adrian peeled out of the driveway, back into darkness.
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Temple West, debut author of the YA paranormal romance Velvet, is as nerdy in real life as she is on the Twitter. Armed with a very shiny English degree, she spent four months in Oxford holed up at the Radcliffe Camera amongst the hush of ancient books and the rich musk of academia. Returning to Los Angeles, she acquired a concurrent degree in film, mostly as an excuse to write essays about The Princess Bride and Hook. She can sew (poorly), drive stick (please fasten your seatbelt), and mostly lift her feet off the ground while stuttering into first gear on a very small motorcycle. She currently lives in Seattle and is the proud mother to a one-year-old laptop and a vintage Remington typewriter.

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  1. Hmm I haven't really read a lot of vampire books but I'd have to say the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead. The main character Sydney is just so independent and strong, I love her! Then there's Adrian... swoons ;)

    Eileen @ BookCatPin


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