Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School

Hey guys! Both Caitlyn and I have started school today..unfortunately and we're taking really hard classes which will be taking up a lot of our free time with homework and studying. We'll probably be limiting the amount of books we read and hoping that we can still blog as well as do well in school. However school is our main priority so please do note this as the year continues.

Instead of doing weekly releases, I've decided to do monthly ones every Tuesday. 
Caitlyn and I will be doing a review a week (2 per week). Waiting on Wednesday will still continue as always. We are most definitely going to try to continue doing our weekly book discussions (The Thing/Truth About Books) every Friday! I will try my best to continue doing cover reveals each Sunday and there will be promo posts, blog tours, cover reveals, book blitz within everything as well.

Thanks for reading and being super supportive guys! 
Much love to you all!! 


  1. Best of luck on the new school year, ladies!

  2. Good luck at school! Blogging always comes second to studying and that so I totally understand :)

  3. I think everyone will be like this! Best of luck to you both :)


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