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Blog Tour: I WISH by Elizabeth Langston {INTERVIEW+GIVEAWAY}

I'm so excited to be part of the I Wish blog tour! Check out my interview with the author and what the book is all about! 

I WISH by Elizabeth Langston
Release Date: November 18th, 2014 
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press

I Wish (I Wish, #1)

Goodreads Summary:
Book 1 in a new series.

What Lacey needs is a miracle. What she gets is a genie with rules.

Lacey Linden is hiding the truth of her life—a depressed mom, a crumbling house, and bills too big to pay. While her high school classmates see a girl with a ready smile and good grades, Lacey spends her evenings seeking ways to save her family. On a get-cash-quick trip to the flea market, Lacey stumbles over a music box that seemingly begs her to take it home. She does, only to find it is inhabited by a gorgeous "genie." He offers her a month of wishes, one per day, but there's a catch. Each wish must be humanly possible.

Grant belongs to a league of supernatural beings, dedicated to serving humans in need. After two years of fulfilling the boring wishes of conventional teens, he is one assignment away from promotion to a challenging new role with more daring cases. Yet his month with Lacey is everything that he expects and nothing like he imagines. Lacey and Grant soon discover that the most difficult task of all might be saying goodbye.


1.     Describe I WISH in less than 10 words.
      Lacey needs more than her genie may give.

2.     What’s a wish that has come true for you recently?
                  I had a health scare. I hoped that I would be fine, and this week I learned that I am. That’s the best                     kind of wish coming true.

3.     Any writing quirks?
           I start writing around 9 PM and generally continue until 1 AM.  That makes it hard to get up for my day            job, but I don’t fight it. Late night just seems to be when I’m most productive.

4.     Was I WISH your first title choice?
      No, but it’s close. The original title was I WISHED. I decided that felt too snarky—and this book               needed a more wistful title. So I changed it to I WISH. 

            5.     If someone were to see you in a random public place where would it be and why?
     A restaurant, probably a sports pub. I love to eat out—and watch football while I’m there.

            6.     Which YA character would you like to hang out with for a day?
                 Beth from DARE YOU TO by Katie McGarry
                 She’s had a really hard life, yet she remains loyal to the people she loves. I’d want to know what’s next                  for her. (And if I'm lucky, she'll bring Ryan along. I love baseball too!)


Any phobias? Heights, crowds, cilantro  

Batman or Superman?  Neither. Magneto!

Favorite t.v show? Elementary

Unicorn or bunny apocalypse? Unicorn

Celebrity crush?  Michael Fassbender

Favorite literary couple?  Darcy and Elizabeth

Author Elizabeth Langston
Hello, I'm Elizabeth Langston, and I write Young Adult (YA) fiction. I have two magical realism series. First is the Whisper Falls series (Whisper Falls, A Whisper In Time and Whispers From the Past). The I Wish series begins in November 2014 with I Wish. Its two sequels will be released in 2015.

I live in North Carolina, USA and work in the computer industry for my day job. I have two daughters in college and one husband at home. At night, when I'm not writing, I'm watching TV (dance reality shows, Outlander, Castle) or reading (and that is all over the place.)

Author Links:


       (1 winner) Grand Prize: Signed copy of I WISH, $25 e-book gift card, copper bracelet, swag, temporary tattoo (US & Canada)
      (2 winners) 2nd prize: copper bracelet, swag, temporary tattoo (US & Canada)
      (30 winners) 3rd prize: swag & temporary tattoos (international)

I'm so glad to have hosted Elizabeth and her book on my blog today!
Don't forget to continue following the blog tour! 

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