Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cover Reveals: Daughter of Deep Silence, Until Midnight, and MORE

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Daughter of Deep Silence by Carrie Ryan
Daughter of Deep Silence

First of all, love the colors and how they just unexpectedly fit together. 
Second, the title and the title font is just gorgeous.
Third, I love the black borders of the cover. 

Until Midnight by Melissa Landers
Until Midnight (Alienated, #1.5)

Ahhh the snow and pretty sky :)

Torn by Avery Hastings
Torn (The Feuds, #2)

No the biggest fan of the girl's pose but I don't know if it fits with the book so I won't say anything.
Love the city-scape and the hexagonal background :D 

Triple Moon: Summer on East End by Melissa de la Cruz
Triple Moon: Summer on East End

The Recovery by Suzanne Young
Cover Reveal: The Recovery by Suzanne Young -On sale February 24, 2015 -Six months after the fall of The Program, ex-handler Michael Realm is struggling with his guilt. After all, he was instrumental in erasing the memories of several patients—including one he claimed to love. With a lifetime of regret stretched before him, Realm vows to set things right.

The Arctic Code by Matthew Cody
The Arctic Code

Soooo I didn't realize there were 2 animals in the picture until the 5th glance. I totally thought 
it was just part of the cave...Anyways ignoring my fail moment, this looks like an awesome MG 

Until the Beginning by Amy Plum
Until the Beginning (After the End, #2)

Love how it matches the first book and how realistic yet not it looks. 
I have no idea if that even made sense.

A Book of Spirits and Thieves by Morgan Rhodes
A Book of Spirits and Thieves (Spirit and Thieves, #1)

Atlantis Rising by Gloria Craw
Embedded image permalink

LOVE that the entire cover is the under the ocean and how the girl is chained.
I think it would be nicer if the title was larger but overall really nice! 

Which is your favorite? Any you're looking forward to? 

Also so sorry for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. Hopefully starting tomorrow, there'll be much more posts :) Thank you for all your patience and appreciation. 

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