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Unraveling Books: Everblaze by Shannon Messenger

Everblaze (Keeper of the Lost Cities #3) by Shannon Messenger
624 Pages
Release Date: November 4th, 2014
Publisher: Aladdin
Level: Middle Grade

Goodreads Summary:

Sophie Foster is ready to fight back.

Her talents are getting stronger, and with the elusive Black Swan group ignoring her calls for help, she’s determined to find her kidnappers—before they come after her again. 

But a daring mistake leaves her world teetering on the edge of war, and causes many to fear that she has finally gone too far. And the deeper Sophie searches, the farther the conspiracy stretches, proving that her most dangerous enemy might be closer than she realizes. 

In this nail-biting third book in the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Sophie must fight the flames of rebellion, before they destroy everyone and everything she loves.

        Be warned: this is the third book so the review may contain spoilers from the previous ones so if you haven't read those go look at those reviews first and read the books first. XD GUYS THIS BOOK IS SO EXCITING! I love Shannon Messenger. I love everything that I've read of hers and Everblaze is not an exception. This book is suspenseful and exciting. Honestly, shit goes down in this book and I loved every second of it. In Everblaze we definitely get some questions answered about the Black Swan Everblaze is really good.

      I love Sophie. I mean, I've always loved her but I really realized it this book. She goes through so much crap and makes so many mistakes but she doesn't let that break her. Sophie really is badass, and not as in literal ass kicking but in that she's just awesome. She goes through so many trials this book but she keeps going. She changes herself to try and get through the situation she's in. I don't know how she deals with all the secrets that she doesn't know especially the ones about herself. Its crazy. but Sophie pushes through them and its amazing.

      So this *gestures* is where Taherah and I differ. I know that around here is when she will start lamenting about Keefe and how much she loves him. And don't get me wrong I love him too, just no as much. I am very content to not take sides in the Keefe vs Fitz (and I guess) vs Dex debate. I like them all. I think Keefe is really cool and funny and great but I'm not rooting for him mostly because Taherah is so gung-ho about him...XD. And then Fitz, he's just awesome. He sucked ass in the last book and I hated him but in Everblaze? That boy is just fine, thank you. And Dex. MY POOR BABY DEX! He's just so confused. I feel like after you read this book you'll hate him but I just feel so bad for him. You know who I really love though? That troll guard gnome thing that guards Sophie. I love him. He is great. :D And Grady and (shoot I forget her name!) THEY ARE WONDERFUL I THINK THEY ARE AWESOME! And her mind reading teacher *snaps* shoot, I just had his name. Damn, oh well. I love him too. (Tri...something?) And Fitz's dad and sister and mom. They are all cool.

      Basically Everblaze is amazing with a lot of character development and a lot of questions answered. (and I mean with such awesome characters how can you not have a great book) I want the next ooooooonnneee. Seriously I am so so excited for the next book in this series. It's getting more dangerous, the suspense is building, and it's Shannon Messenger. What could go wrong? I hope you pick up this book ;). BYEEEEEE

       Fun, thrilling, and enthralling, Everblaze by Shannon Messenger once again pulled with my mind and heart. It was great to be back in Sophie's world (ALICORNS) and her adventures. I loved delving more into the Black Swan society thingy and the mystery aspect of the book. The surprises to parts of the plots were definitely exciting and unexpected. It was hinted enough that it all made sense and it just worked really well with the story. 

     Ok so Sophie goes through a lot of character develolment. Or at least I think she does. This was the book where she made her fair amount of mistakes which were accompanied by some pretty harsh (yet justifiable) consequences. But I also loved how that she was able to get pass everything and keep going ahead. She was very determined and did amazingly well with not giving up (her family and friends are just plain awesome and supportive). Grady and his wife, the doc, Fitz's dad (whose name I'm forgetting right now :o), and Keefe (<3). She's got a great set of mentors and family members who love her dearly. 

      As for her friends...Keefe (my love and ship that will probably never happen) I love how he's just as involved (kind of even more so) in this book as he was in the last (especially with his family issues). He's always there for Sophie, funny, and just charming. WHY ISN'T HE REAL </3 And then there's Fitz that everyone seems to love. I mean I get it but I feel like he just doesn't have that much of a connection with Sophie (despite what happens in the book). I like the guy. He's cool and chill but he's just not that close to Sophie. And Dex...poor Dex...I'm not his greatest fan unfortunately. I totally get he likes Sophie but the way he approaches her and goes about it is just sad D: and I feel so bad but it's true. Ever since the first book, I imagined as that best guy friend who would kind of be like Keefe but not. In a way it was interesting seeing his character veer off in a different direction but all in all I'm happy where everyone is now. 

      With stakes rising for Sophie, Everaze is definitely a critical point in the series and for Sophie. And with the way it ended I'm assuming there's going to be another book that will most definitely be a fun and intriguing read as well. Anyways I totally recommend this book for all Shannon Messenger fans, fantasy lovers, MG readers, and of course those who've been reading this series. Happy Readings! 

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