Monday, December 15, 2014

Event Recap: Suspicion by Alexandra Monir Launch Party

Caitlyn and I had the honor of going to Alexandra Monir's launch party for her newest release, Suspicion (which is pretty good! My review will be up in the beginning of next month!) So we both bought copies of the book and headed upstairs to the event room which was filled up pretty nicely with people. There was also an amazing spread of food which ranged from cold cut sandwiches to brownies. It was great. I wish I got a picture but there was a lot of people and I felt awkward :o 

(Didn't realize this when I took this pic but Romina Russell, author of Zodiac, is the one in the pink/blue flannel XD)

Caitlyn and I were just eating and talking while we waited for Alexandra to make her appearance. And right before she entered, we got to listen to Autumn Leaves (which I think she recorded but don't take my word on it). Then the beautiful and gorgeous author came up to the podium and she began talking about how she was into gothic literature and was inspired by Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca. She also commented that her setting was inspired by Downtown Abbey and that one of the her favorite aspects of writing this book was doing the research of England and the whole system. 

After she gave a spoiler free summary and read the prologue of the book, she answered questions from the audience. I don't exactly remember the questions but I do have her answers (I actually took notes in this event :P) She said that she listens to music scores and French music while writing and admitted that she read aloud scenes from her books and acts them out which she probably wouldn't have done if it wasn't for her performing background. Alex also said that she's good with listening to her editor's comments and advice but does keep to her original idea foundation. 

She also loves writing YA and believes she's 16 at heart. Someone also asked what her tips would be for teenage writers, to which she replied that it helps to read a mix of the classics and contemporaries, write everyday, and try to write a detailed diary (including dialogue & such) especially since that helped her develop her voice. After the Q&A was over, we stood in line for the signing. 

And that's when the unexpected happened: We met Romina Russell. So through out the event we had the distinct feeling we knew her but we weren't really sure. And then I was on Twitter when I saw that she tweeted that she was also at the event so Caitlyn was certain it was her and I was iffy because it honestly would have been awkward if she wasn't. Then I think there was enough questioning looks on both Romina's and our parts that she asked if we knew each other. And we didn't so I asked if she was Romina Russell (I'M SO SORRY IF I BASHED YOUR NAME ROMINA *hides*) and then began our conversation over the coincidence and happiness over the unexpectedness of meeting XD 
And Alex signed her copy of Suspicion, we were also able to take a quick picture! 
(Me, Romina, & Caitlyn) 

In no time, Alex signed our books and was willing to take pics as well :D 

Anyways...We had super fun time at the signing and I think it's also our last one for 2014 (unfortunately) but I'm glad with how it all turned out :D It was great meeting the authors and just being in an event. 

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