Saturday, January 3, 2015

Discussion Post: Love Triangles

The ever feared or embraced and popular aspect of some YA books,

This is a random and last minute post that I just thought of doing. Anyways, so there are some very anti-love triangle readers in the world. And while I may not wholly understand their hate for them, I do get the general gist of how it could get annoying. 

In my opinion, a love triangle shouldn't: 
(I'm just going to use the girl as the A in picture)
1. Get in the way of the plot or be underscored unless it's legit the plot of a story. There needs to at least be a balance. There are some books where a character can rant or just keep having thoughts about the guys (or girls) and it's like GIRL PUH-LEASE. Just stop. No. *shhh* We don't care about your repeating thoughts and please go on with the story (OMG ESPECIALLY WHEN THE GIRL KNOWS WHICH GUY SHE LIKES BUT SHE'S LIKE NOOOOO OTHER GUY FOR WHATEVER REASON) 

2. Devalue (may not be the best word to describe what I'm saying) the main guy or girl that's at the center of it all. It honestly shouldn't define said character and his/her role in life. I really hate when girls feel like they need the other person and that just makes them choosing between two guy all the difference in their lives.  

3. Stay a love triangle (In a sense). There should be a choice. Authors need to make that move and not leave it open ended. It annoys me when I see that :/ 

But other than that I'm usually okay with love triangles. Some actually show what happens when you're torn between and old or new love and some are just plain entertaining. Most of the time you can tell who the girl is going to end up with and the other guy is her best friend/her love interests' best friend/new guy who gets intertwined with her life. It usually ends up with some flirting that's funny to read about and sometimes adorable on a guy especially when you know it doesn't mean anything (even though it's shown as a love triangle). 

Some love triangles are also necessary for character development (as sad as that kinda sounds). For all of you Shatter Me fans *spreads arms out* it all worked out in the end and making that choice can make a difference. 

Then there are also those ones where you begin believing that the author is truly evil BECAUSE BOTH GUYS ARE JUST BEAUTIFUL AND YOU'RE JUST STUCK IN SWITZERLAND SWITCHING BACK AND FORTH DURING DIFFERENT MOMENTS. And as long as this is well written and is balanced with the story, it can make a YA book pretty amazing and influential (fan base wise). 

What do you guys think about love triangles? 
Love them? Hate them? Meh?

And let us know if you think we should add something that we forgot :)  


  1. I actually heavily dislike love triangles. This is because so many of them I've seen are where the girl is whiny and undecided which makes the plot drag on. It's either I don't like it or I don't care for it. Never have I ever felt in the main character's position because when I see the two guys, I always pick a side [pretty quickly too.]

    This is a great discussion!

    1. I understand! Some just aren't as well written or are pretty annoying all the same. And thanks :)

  2. I hate them so much. The love triangle is overused and pointless in most stories.

    Unless it is central or helpful to the plotline don't do it!

    Take Gale in the Hunger Games. There was enough romance (used loosely) with Peeta and Katniss without shoehorning in Gale as a third poin . He would have been better served as a totally platonic best friend and confindante.

    1. Ok now that I totally agree with. Gale would have been a better character if that was the case.

  3. I used to hate love triangles, but nowadays I don't mind them as much as long as they are done well. I like it when the choice isn't obvious and both boys have something good or make her feel something the other doesn't. I also like it when there's a clear choice at the end, like you said, I do want the girl to choose eventually. Also why aren't there more love triangles with one boy and two girls?

    1. I think that isn't as common because there are more YA books with girls as the main character and if there was another girl involved we would just see the relationship from her POV only (unless all the characters have their own POVs)


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